Saturday, 14 January 2012

Betdaq: What Next?

My own experiences with Betdaq tennis trading, started back in July 2011. If anyone has any doubts that Betdaq cannot attract traders over, read this blog post from July and check out the screenshots. I wrote on the blog that liquidity was excellent following the premium charge rate increase, downloaded all available API software and tried to trade matches (some of which had MORE liquidity than on Betfair). Unfortunately, I was doing badly at the time and only had a small amount of funds that I could transfer to Betdaq. I lost all that very quickly! But I had no problem getting matched. I tried again a few weeks later with a re-loaded bank but my issue was that trading using the free software available then, felt very cumbersome and it made trading too difficult. The Betdaq Jinx, continued! Basically, I was hamstrung until something more intuitive came out - Geek's Toy for Betdaq.

In fact, until last Tuesday night/morning (when I layed Cibulkova at 2-0 in set 3 in my only trade) I had lost every single trade I'd made on Betdaq! So now that I have software I can trade comfortably with, it's time to look at the alternative again. Despite the miserable liquidity on Tuesday, I'm fairly confident the latter stages at least, of the Australian Open will have strong liquidity and once the tour moves back to Europe in February, I think we might see an upsurge in the number of people trading. These next few weeks will perhaps give a greater indication of where Betdaq is at with tennis and I will be keenly reporting my experiences on the Purple Place and seeing if I can do what Robin Hood (of yesterday's post) said we should try.

However, I still know that Tuesday was a missed opportunity. People ARE staying up late to trade the tennis on Betfair with multi-millions being matched, so why not on Betdaq, even when there is no way of trading on Betfair? Apathy? Laziness? Not enough small fish to take advantage of? Probably a bit of everything.

OFF-COURT BEAUTY: World number 255 (ex-top 30) Alona Bondarenko of the Ukraine.

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