Sultan Tennis Trading Guide

The Sultan Tennis Trading Guide contains:

  • 14 easy to execute strategies that I use day-in, day-out
  • Advanced trading techniques for the more experienced trader
  • My overall philosophy about trading and how successful traders operate
  • Access to videos which show my thought processes whilst trading
  • Free updates and life-long access to the guide
  • Sections on: 

  • How to Find Value
  • How to Read Matches
  • Bank Management
  • Psychology
  • Trading Styles 
  • Professional Trading  
  • Common Mistakes
  • Trading Myths
  • Managing Expectations
  • Selecting Matches

This is not a collection of  practice or entry-level strategies. These are real, money-making strategies that were devised and honed by me alone over a 2-3 year period. I don't spend ages waffling about basic things such as  how to set up your PC screen, how to use Betfair or how to use trading software. That info can be easily found for free. The info that can't be found for free is my strategies and that is what I concentrate on.

All screenshots used within the guide are actual trades that I've done specifically for the guide and so are explained fully - exactly what I did and why. I also go into detail about how you should be approaching the markets. That means telling you how professional traders think about the markets and how they act within them - you might be surprised at how differently they operate to your average, unsuccessful trader. Most traders don't make profit because they don't understand the correct way to approach trading - the correct philosophy they need to apply to everything they do. Once you understand that, you can then use my strategies or tweak them to suit your own personality and start becoming profitable.

The guide is not simply about exit and entry points, it's an overall view of what it takes to become a successful trader and a professional trader  - and that is something that most traders never manage to learn because they are too hung up on looking for the "golden egg laying goose". The sooner you realise that this doesn't exist but that there are still ways to beat the market, the sooner you can start to make money.

All my experience of working with members of my over several years has given me a unique insight into the errors that traders make and that gives me a huge advantage when it comes to writing a guide. I understand the general mistakes traders make and so the advice I give within the guide (which is the same one I give to Academy members)  is based on real-life experiences. By understanding what those errors are, you should be able to avoid them more easily and save yourself potentially months if not years of going down the wrong path. Many traders in my academy tell me that they learnt more in one or two months with me than in one or two years going it alone by themselves.

Please note: the guide is on a private blog. This is because it is much quicker and easier for me to update the guide on Blogger than it is on a PDF ebook. In order for you to view this blog, I will need to personally invite you to access it. I will do this by sending you an email via Blogger to the same email address that is on your Paypal statement. Please read all the instructions sent by Blogger carefully and save the URL. You should then be able to log in at any time to view the guide.

The videos are viewable only on the blog or through YouTube, so you will need a YouTube account.

After you pay for the guide, I will receive an email from Paypal confirming this. It is usually sent to me within a few minutes but can sometimes be a few hours before I receive it on my phone. This means that it is not always possible for me to invite you to the blog immediately because I have to do it manually. I ask you to please be patient if that is the case. The vast majority of the time, I am able to invite customers within a couple of hours. I have always invited customers within 24 hours. If you do not receive an invite within 24 hours of purchase, please check your spam folder, as sometimes the invite gets sent there.Otherwise, you can email me using the contact form on this blog.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer refunds under any circumstances. This is because once you have my strategies, I cannot get them back and unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous people who try to get strategies for free by asking for a refund once they've already purchased. So please read through this entire page before committing to a purchase, so you understand everything. You will be re-directed to another page on the blog after you purchase - please read the instructions on that page carefully and don't log off until you have read everything, as this page will tell you how to access the guide.


 "Regarding your guide it's the best money I've ever invested in to the journey of learning to trade, it's given my confidence the perfect boost & optimism that I can push forward. I put your guide in to practise through out the finals & it is a brilliant book I must say. My strategies have mainly been based on breaks of serve so once i read yours i couldn't wait to put yours in to practise, it made me realise that my whole existing setup from when to apply strategies combined with the entry & exit points along with my staking was rather messy & quite frankly not good enough & in turn causing me to end up frustrated then things turning in to out right bets etc. 

The strategies, entry/exit points & staking in your guide are brilliant, naming each strategy is a great idea & I've found it so hopeful. I found the whole setup regarding the guide made me very patient, calm & very disciplined while trading the finals. The reds were kept very low & the greens were good & some were close to being huge. It's the most id enjoyed trading for a long time & I'm really looking forward to the new season."  

Ashley (Academy Member)

 "I am in the middle of reading of your excellent guide, it is the best  tennis trading website I've seen and to be honest I am glad you only charge as little as you do because the information you share is priceless!"

Pawel (Guide Owner)

"Hi Sultan,

I would like to describe my impressions. It will be hard for me on English (especially tenses) but I will try.

First of all I'm so proud because I'm member of your academy. Last two months I learned about trading much more than last two years. I learned a lot about discipline, way of thinking,way of looking in trade. Also directly from your guide I learned about strategy in trade and how achieve them. In the beginning they almost blew my mind but I start to used them.

Of course I'm somehow at the start of journey, but for me is so great improve. You opened my eyes and I finally may see light in the end of trading tunnel. Now I'm enjoying looking tennis matches much, much more than before. I may look them even if I know that maybe not be involving in trade. And I may do that with relax mind. Before I didn't do this.

Before I saw "opportunity" for trade in every set a few times. Now I somehow recognized what is risk/reward and when is good for me. Now I don't go in trade without good reason.
Before I always involved in trade. And my account always was in little plus or in little minus, but I blow it without discipline when I had big losing trades.I couldn't go out when trades go in red. Now I don't do this. I don't go in trade if it's not describe in your guide. Also I think I cannot blow my account again."

Miroslav (Academy Member

"The Strategy Guide is really well written and I've been through it a couple of times now and there's nothing like it out there that I've read. The way I look at it, you can spend £40 on a cheap guide with generic strategies that everyone knows about already or you can get something that is a bit different that not many people know about, where the author actually uses the strategies every week. You get what you pay for at the end of the day and your guide is well worth the money in my opinion. "

Craig (Guide Owner)

"Before joining the academy I really couldn't be consistently profitable which is the same as saying I was part of the 95% of Betfair users who lose money in the long term.

After joining the academy I was expecting to get some secret and magic formula to trade for huge profit. After months of hard work with fantastic feedback from you, I've learnt what it takes to be a professional trader. 

Today I'm still learning and improving but I'm no longer in the 95% of those Betfair users. So, thank you very much for all your patience and for teaching me so much.  You didn't give me the fish but you taught me how to fish...and how damn I love fishing! :)

Rui (Academy Member)